Title III

Title III is a federal program that supports the development and academic progress of Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Learning. The Title III Program provides financial assistance to establish or strengthen the physical plants, fiscal management, academic resources, and endowments of colleges and universities.

Student Retention

Student retention and graduation rates are key factors that are used to measure a school’s level of success. Student retention can be improved by advancing technology and computer systems, which can enhance a student’s learning experience.

Eligible Title III Schools

There are 1700 two and four year, public and non-profit private colleges and universities in the United States that are eligible for financial aid under Title III funding.  Only 20% of eligible schools receive Title III funding.

Historically Black Colleges and Univerisities (HBCUs)

There are nearly 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities located in the United States. All HBCUs are eligible for Title III funding and receive grant awards from Part B and Part F, and some Part E, under the Title III program.

Customer Statement

Savannah State University, in Georgia has benefited from U2Cloud’s expertise in nontraditional computer systems.

Strengthening Institutions Program

Title III Part A provides discretionary grants to eligible institutions to help them expand their capacity to serve low-income students, by providing funds to improve and strengthen the institution’s academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.

Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Title III Part B authorizes assistance to HBCUs.  Grants are formula based and divided by institutions’ percentage of Pell grant recipients, percentage of graduates, and percentage of graduates who go on to attend a graduate school in a degree program in which blacks are underrepresented.

Minority, Science, and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP)

Title III Part E works to increase student participation and graduation rates in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and have more minority students pursue career opportunities in STEM and advance student achievement in STEM.

Strengthening HBCUs and other Minority-Serving Institutions

Title III Part F Strengthens HBCUs and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI), including Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), under the Student Aid and Fiscal Act (SAFRA), to save students money through direct federal lending and support activities that advance students’ achievements in STEM.